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Did Intel get something right? Is Clear Linux a clear winner?

Written from the ground up, it looks like someone did their homework when it came to recreating the OS wheel. In this case they did a phenomenal job. I downloaded and installed Clear Linux a while back without any issues, … Continue reading

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FreeBSD 12.2

Free BSD 12.2 is on the horizon, exciting news! My favourite operating system – stable, secure, well documented, and leaves any flavour of linux in the dust. Looking forward to the next stable release! MacOS is awesome (offspring of FreeBSD), … Continue reading

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Bitcoin – not here to stay, my opinion.

When bitcoin first arrived on the scene I remember my brother telling me about it. I followed up with some reading. It looked interesting, a universal currency that is self accounting and ownership is whoever has possession. As time went … Continue reading

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Activation Function – A Cubic Hermite Spline ? This is no Sigmoid!

In the midst of writing my semi-neural net compressor I have introduced a scaling function based off the premise of an Activation function for a neural net – stretch and squash. Because I always work within a normalized domain of … Continue reading

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Generic Compression Workflow

I’ve been developing compression techniques for 17 years now and have many unpublished items. One great thing about compression is it never gets old. Data never changes and Moores law does not apply to the field of digital compression. Data … Continue reading

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X-Hex Production Re-started

X-Hex is moving along. I have updated the graphics and started production on my new IMAC. Unfortunately there is a bug with the production software that is causing a delay. I would like to get everything ready to post another … Continue reading

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X-Hex Grid Preview

A little preview of the Grid used in X-Hex. With over 40 3D universes, dynamic HD lighting, and physically based rendering, X-hex has an amazing visual and varied atmosphere. Click on the images below for a full HD preview.

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Q Submit – Helpdesk Ticket Submission

I wrote this piece of software to compliment my article about IT Metrics ( This software allows the process of gathering statistics to be enhanced through the efficiency of automation to quickly submit a ticket without having to login to … Continue reading

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Frequency Coding Draft Paper

I have attached a draft paper explaining the math behind frequency coding, a method of lossless data compression I came up with. The algorithm has been tested as I have freely available computer source code for anyone who wants to test it. The … Continue reading

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X-Hex re-ignited!

X-hex is on for it’s second revision. This is in very early stages but is looking very promising. Currently I am developing it in c# mono develop IDE.  Graphics, Assets, Audio, Music will all be outsourced some how or another. … Continue reading

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