Voice Assistant

*Updated Version Added – June 8, 2013* – designed for windows 7

Voice Assistant is a voice dictation program I decided to write in order to correct some of the difficulties using existing voice dictation software. When investigating voice dictation and given feedback about the same subject, I noticed a direct correlation to compression and also writing grammars for programming languages. It was then that I realized dictation from Microsoft and Dragon were missing some key elements and were also structuring their dictation wrong. Escape codes happen to be the common ground or link to compression. Dictation and commands require context and with context we can have escape codes to seperate the context properly. With current dictation software there are many escape codes which in turn causes confidence of a correct guess to be reduced substantially. Also visual queues are very weak and the brain is too quick to wait for feedback that is not obvious.  I have taken a logical approach following the footsteps of Star Trek.  The First escape code is “Computer” any other word or sentence is completely ignored.  Also the “computer” talks to you with transparent visual text that show up on the screen.  The Commands are as follows:

  • Computer Dictate
  • Computer Time
  • Computer Date
  • Computer Lock
  • Computer Exit
  • Computer StarDate (Star Trek humour)
  • Computer About
  • Computer Help

When you go into Dictation mode – the voice assistant switches commands –

  • Computer Stop (Stops Dictation, and back to Command Mode)
  • Insert Period
  • Insert Comma
  • Insert Space
  • Insert New-Line
  • Insert Tab
  • Insert Insert
  • Insert Undo
  • Insert Backspace

Dictation mode is somewhat limited but it does function very well, and the reason is that it only uses two escape codes {computer and insert} as opposed to other dictation engines, which tend to mix a large range of different sounding escape codes into the mix.

[download id=”394″] <-(Free Download)

The program requires dot net 4.0 and you must train your computer to recognize your voice and test your microphone.

** Important: Train your computer to recognize your voice first (Microsoft Wizard Built-in)**



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