IT Metrics

The importance of IT Metrics usually overshadows work that needs to get done, or it is the opposite, work is getting done with no metrics. To create a balance, there are a couple of things needed.

  1. Technical Infrastructure – this is important – there needs to be an underlying system to automatically maintain, gather stats.
  2. Employee Co-operation – Like anything new, employees are usually resistant to attempts at new processes and new technologies – gathering stats requires co-operation and teamwork
  3. Proper processes – without processes, statistical gathering can be cumbersome, tiresome and overshadows the actual work that needs to get done. The time it takes to gather the stats, takes longer than the work done.
  4. Training – training for a new process is vital, not only having employees be able to use the new process effectively, they need to be immediate stakeholders of the process and after training┬áthere really is no excuse for a good system to not be used.

Using this type of formula, statistics can be a joy to work with and increase productivity by creating a self organizing system. Forecasting and maintaing a proper accounting of what is required within an IT Department is much easier when an automated process is in place.


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