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Frequency Coding

The source code below is a bit coder class that can be used for reading or writing a compressed file. The source code provides access to a new type of entropy encoder. This new type of coder uses an algorithm … Continue reading

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Operations Control Centre

This is a small dynamic project I have been developing over the course of the year during off work hours. It originated from the idea of having a network map done up specifically for work displayed on two monitors. Instead … Continue reading

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IT Metrics

The importance of IT Metrics usually overshadows work that needs to get done, or it is the opposite, work is getting done with no metrics. To create a balance, there are a couple of things needed. Technical Infrastructure – this … Continue reading

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This project was around before google maps or kijiji existed – remember mapquest ? the mapping feature for Thunder Bay rent grabbed it’s map data from there. At the time mapquest was a paid service, who would have new mapping … Continue reading

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Anonymous Suggestion Box

This suggestion box project was created for staff to be able to send anonymous suggestions to different departments. The project was perfect for a small one week project. The code includes error handling, multi-threading, multiple email targets, and some quick … Continue reading

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X-Hex is a game I programmed a long time ago. This game is still very exciting to play and I believe was ahead of its time when it was written. The idea stemmed from my brother who had described a … Continue reading

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Canada Rent

Canada Rent was a great ambitious project, well before Kijjiji was around. The focus was on local communities being able to gain full access to search and promote rental listings.  The rental engine was based off of Thunder Bay rent, … Continue reading

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Part 2 – Encoding a simple value

For the second part, we will encode a simple 4 bit integer value – let’s use the the 4 bit integer 6 to encode, this is our “message”. The integer six has a 4 bit binary value of 0110. To help … Continue reading

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Part 1 – Introduction to a simple bit encoder

To start off in the first part our series we will take a look at the properties of a 4 bit integer to help imagine where our simple bit encoder comes from. For purposes of encoding and decoding data we … Continue reading

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