Q Submit – Helpdesk Ticket Submission

I wrote this piece of software to compliment my article about IT Metrics (https://chrischunick.com/?p=142). This software allows the process of gathering statistics to be enhanced through the efficiency of automation to quickly submit a ticket without having to login to a ticketing system. The program interfaces with a backend (currently spiceworks), and allows the end user to submit multiple tickets one after the other or simply shrink the software to be left out of sight until another ticket comes up.  The current user is the logged in user, email is parsed from Active Directory.

Tickets can be written down throughout the day and entered at a later time, entered as an email,  entered as a phone call comes in, or if an individual walks in requesting service. One of the challenges in IT is to maintain a consistent workflow while also being able to document the work without interruptions. This software has so far been tested successfully in a production environment.


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