X-Hex re-ignited!

X-hex is on for it’s second revision. This is in very early stages but is looking very promising. Currently I am developing it in c# mono develop IDE.  Graphics, Assets, Audio, Music will all be outsourced some how or another. The goal is to provide a simple game to the majority of platforms including windows, mac, Linux, ios, windows store, xbox , ps3, android and ios. The professional development platform allows for the output to many devices with a single project.  The game is currently rendered in isometric 3d using a top down perspective but taking full advantage of awesome graphical effects.



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3 Responses to X-Hex re-ignited!

  1. Draze says:

    Awesome. Any chance you could release the old game for free somewhere? I’d love to play it again. It’s otherwise completely unavailable now.
    Good luck with this project, I’ll certainly play it.

  2. I do have the full version, and will release it for free when I get a chance to upload and link it. Thanks for interest!

  3. Anton Chebotarev says:

    Good day from cold Russia, mr. Chunick!=) 13 years passed since me and my friends played X-HEX demo, and that was amazing! It left memories so good, that we remembered the game often, and tried to search it, to play again, like in our childhood. But there was nothing in the internet. Finally, i found you, and i see, that you are doing a remake. Great news! But Last posts in most of your blogs are dated 2014…
    Chris, is there any chance for us to play your amazing game?

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