X-Hex is a game I programmed a long time ago. This game is still very exciting to play and I believe was ahead of its time when it was written. The idea stemmed from my brother who had described a game to me he had played on the Unisys computers from the 1980’s.  E-games wanted to publish this title originally but that deal fell through in order to keep IP and publishing rights.  I think in the near future I plan to resurrect this product in all of it’s glory. Today this game would be perfect for a tablet or mobile device which did not exist back when it was created. The best part of programming this game was the artificial intelligence.  I designed the multiplayer aspect to be editable, and it worked great. You were able to choose to play against multiple personalities, all of whom had there very distinct game play.



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2 Responses to X-Hex

  1. Draze says:

    Removed the other article? Well alright.

  2. Zac says:

    I left a comment on your Youtube channel.
    I used to play this as a kid and would love to play it again. Is there some way this could happen?

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