My Wedding – October 21 , 2017.

Here is a video of my wedding. Oct. 21, 2017. The handshake is met by the vase of truth and other deceit as they twist and fall to the ground. One vase breaks while the other survives. A path we must each take to fulfil our histories and eventual destinies.

– Life is like a movie … (Yes, I am a Lord of The Rings Fan!)

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The Greatest Story Ever Told – X-Hex

I’m creating the backstory to my game X-Hex. I’ve known it for a long, long time. Now it is unfolding and all the pieces are coming together. It’s a story of Epic proportions that has never been told mixed with romance, love, hate, good, evil and of course a little bit of humour. The human struggle is not only isolated to Earth, it’s universal. The battle between good and evil is not just mans battle but something all living beings can relate to. We can’t go back in time but we can correct and fix the damage already done. Do we choose forgiveness, sympathy, understanding, respect, peace, destruction, deceit or utter annihilation.

You will get to choose. To be continued ….

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Bitcoin – not here to stay, my opinion.

When bitcoin first arrived on the scene I remember my brother telling me about it. I followed up with some reading. It looked interesting, a universal currency that is self accounting and ownership is whoever has possession. As time went on, bitcoin took off in certain markets and accepted in others, as well as artificially inflated in value. Then a collapse happened which included insurance scams and un-tracebility of ownership of currency.

This brought up multiple questions and also multiple issues and problems with the currency that in my opinion should be banned. The elusive ransomeware requests payment in bitcoins (correct me if I’m wrong) , the holding companies who traded bitcoins have been robbed or they robbed themselves and there is no end in sight. I would consider bitcoins a black market currency.

The currency needs to be legislatively stopped in developed countries. Major providers need to stop accepting Bitcoins as valid currency. There is a major flaw in it, larger than ransomware and larger than the insurance claims. It is unfortunate that is has spread like wildfire, I hope it dies out soon.

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Activation Function – A Cubic Hermite Spline ? This is no Sigmoid!

In the midst of writing my semi-neural net compressor I have introduced a scaling function based off the premise of an Activation function for a neural net – stretch and squash. Because I always work within a normalized domain of 0.0 to 1.0 I was looking for a logarithmic type function that would work similar to a sigmoid to bring my probabilities closer to a best guess or at least a better prediction.

Below is a graph showing a hermite basis function of a Cubic Hermit Spline , which acts as a sigmoid in the domain of 0.0 to 1.0. The function is very simple and results are phenomenal. In comparison I show a linear curve, of course with no scaling and a hyperbolic tangent that obviously is skewed to fit within the domain 0.0 to 1.0. I have also tested other functions such as log sigmoid and double exponential sigmoid with decent results. This simple function results in a logarithmic curve that seems to produce amazing results. Of course outside the domain I use, the function is definitely a fake sigmoid.

The formula is very basic: p(x) = -2x^3+3x^2

* ^ = exponent

Activation Functions


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Generic Compression Workflow

I’ve been developing compression techniques for 17 years now and have many unpublished items. One great thing about compression is it never gets old. Data never changes and Moores law does not apply to the field of digital compression. Data compression is bound by speed, memory, compression ratio very similar to the business triangle of quality, speed, and price.

My most recent soon to be published experimental work follows a generic workflow for compression which I believe can be useful for future rapid development and testing.

The below workflow allows for a base accumulator or multiple accumulators, multiple predictors using different accumulators (models). Those predictors would be put through a mixer or number of mixers. After the mixers produce a final refined prediction of the best guess to the encoder or decoder (depending on the input being a compressed or uncompressed file) and outputs the code or original information and continues along the process back to the accumulator.

What are the benefits of this type of model ? So far it allows for rapid testing of different mixing strategies, different models for predicting, and different rates of change for accumulating statistics. This workflow also allows for the creation of a neural network mixed with traditional compression techniques.

An example of this beneficial strategy is that adding a predictor has no impact or change on the accumulator, multiple predictors can be swapped out or tested at anytime. Changing the accumulator will however have an impact on the predictor using that accumulator as well as the mixer.


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X-Hex Production Re-started

X-Hex is moving along. I have updated the graphics and started production on my new IMAC. Unfortunately there is a bug with the production software that is causing a delay. I would like to get everything ready to post another video soon (It’s been two years). Let me know what you think.

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X-Hex Grid Preview

A little preview of the Grid used in X-Hex. With over 40 3D universes, dynamic HD lighting, and physically based rendering, X-hex has an amazing visual and varied atmosphere.

Click on the images below for a full HD preview.







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Why I gave up programming a long time ago as my day job …

Will this get me a job, help my professional network, or make me look smart? Nope, not even close – it’s my blog and a rant about innuendo I get to listen to, so I hope I can answer it gracefully. It will explain a couple of things and also remind me that my life is mine to live, I have one programming boss, it’s me.

I’ve been asked why I gave up programming as my day job for many years, from employers, head hunters, prospective employers, friends, family and people in general who think a day job is a day job regardless. The bottom line and reality is that I have my own shit to program and I like to do it my way, but these are some of the reasons that brought me to the conclusion many years ago.

Employer: I’ve got the best idea in the world
Me: Ideas are a dime a dozen

“I have a great idea, can we (which really means you) make a website where people connect, socialize, post pictures and have likes that I can make billions off of it? Have this done by the end of next week! … Is that website done yet ?”

Are you kidding me?? Talk about over-shooting, I’ve heard this many times over the years and if I could speak my mind, I would have been fired. Expectations of programmers are grossly exaggerated … All non programming employers end up making requests that programming becomes a task of impossibility and a waste of talent, time and cause burnout.

My sarcastic delusional response: “Hold on, let me give my good friend Mark Zuckerberg a call, and then get back to you …”

But your really smart and talented, your skills would be better utilized elsewhere (ie. programming)

This has been a hindrance for me for years, I’ve had to give up three careers, and one potential opportunity, so far in my educational field because I’m ‘super talented’. Employers believe they can choose my Career path, by indirectly providing me with a choice of ‘switch to programming’ or get out mentality. Unless an employer is paying for me and my time to get a University Degree in comp science, my suggestion is to drop it. For employers, I’m a network admin, not a programmer (Even though I kick ass at it). This website has a ring of truth attached to it and I need to buy one of their shirts to support the idea:

Having a learning disability, diagnosed when I was a teenager, this is what resonates with me the most from the websites manifesto (I wish I could just wear this on the front of my shirt):

“We are tired of being told we’re autistic idiots who need to be manipulated to work in a Forced Pair Programming chain gang without any time to be creative because none of the 10 managers on the project can do… Programming, Motherfucker.”

The Cluster F@#k

Last but not least, I don’t like living other peoples drama daily work lives or messed up un-organized routines. The internet is filled with stories of the same caliber and I have worked them. One blog in particular I have to agree with wholeheartedly which describes what I call The Cluster F@#k (every programmer knows what I am talking about):

I don’t have much to say about the above, it is self explanatory. The Cluster F@#k, for me is one of the top reasons I don’t program for other people.

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Q Submit – Helpdesk Ticket Submission

I wrote this piece of software to compliment my article about IT Metrics ( This software allows the process of gathering statistics to be enhanced through the efficiency of automation to quickly submit a ticket without having to login to a ticketing system. The program interfaces with a backend (currently spiceworks), and allows the end user to submit multiple tickets one after the other or simply shrink the software to be left out of sight until another ticket comes up.  The current user is the logged in user, email is parsed from Active Directory.

Tickets can be written down throughout the day and entered at a later time, entered as an email,  entered as a phone call comes in, or if an individual walks in requesting service. One of the challenges in IT is to maintain a consistent workflow while also being able to document the work without interruptions. This software has so far been tested successfully in a production environment.


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Frequency Coding Draft Paper

I have attached a draft paper explaining the math behind frequency coding, a method of lossless data compression I came up with. The algorithm has been tested as I have freely available computer source code for anyone who wants to test it. The paper still needs to be complete and is missing the following:

  • Math Cleanup – my terminology needs to be re-worked, its vague and hard to understand 🙂
  • Decoding Process – important for paper proof – shown in source code on my website.
  • Probability comparison – chart of actual p(x), frequency encoding output, neural network stretch = ln(x / (1 – x))
  • Calgary Corpus Comparison – compare to other arithmetic encoders on this standard data set

This algorithm is fairly intuitive once you understand the concept behind it.

Here is the PDF document:
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