Visual Monitor

This project was very cutting edge and exciting to create. This was a custom monitoring app that was geared to using little to no bandwidth to stream real time monitoring of multiple clients. The technology I used in this project was ripped from my years of compression experimentation. This allowed for large amounts of video data to be compressed and relayed to multiple viewers. The bandwidth usage for say eight computers to stream would of been around the bandwidth of a VOIP call.  This program was designed to watch touch screen kiosks to give customers a helping hand if required. The software was written in C sharp and the small client app I wrote in straight old c for super speed. I believe the client software clocked in at 10k in memory and allowed the monitor software full control of the computer.









Engineering a plan for this project was very difficult. The network infrastructure could be down in one spot, have massive lag, or could be dynamic and change. I came up with an excellent schematic distinguishing between current available technology and what I proposed and created.


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