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Q Submit – Helpdesk Ticket Submission

I wrote this piece of software to compliment my article about IT Metrics ( This software allows the process of gathering statistics to be enhanced through the efficiency of automation to quickly submit a ticket without having to login to … Continue reading

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Frequency Coding Draft Paper

I have attached a draft paper explaining the math behind frequency coding, a method of lossless data compression I came up with. The algorithm has been tested as I have freely available computer source code for anyone who wants to test it. The … Continue reading

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X-Hex re-ignited!

X-hex is on for it’s second revision. This is in very early stages but is looking very promising. Currently I am developing it in c# mono develop IDE.  Graphics, Assets, Audio, Music will all be outsourced some how or another. … Continue reading

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Voice Assistant

*Updated Version Added – June 8, 2013* – designed for windows 7 Voice Assistant is a voice dictation program I decided to write in order to correct some of the difficulties using existing voice dictation software. When investigating voice dictation … Continue reading

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Frequency Coding

The source code below is a bit coder class that can be used for reading or writing a compressed file. The source code provides access to a new type of entropy encoder. This new type of coder uses an algorithm … Continue reading

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Operations Control Centre

This is a small dynamic project I have been developing over the course of the year during off work hours. It originated from the idea of having a network map done up specifically for work displayed on two monitors. Instead … Continue reading

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IT Metrics

The importance of IT Metrics usually overshadows work that needs to get done, or it is the opposite, work is getting done with no metrics. To create a balance, there are a couple of things needed. Technical Infrastructure – this … Continue reading

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This project was around before google maps or kijiji existed – remember mapquest ? the mapping feature for Thunder Bay rent grabbed it’s map data from there. At the time mapquest was a paid service, who would have new mapping … Continue reading

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Anonymous Suggestion Box

This suggestion box project was created for staff to be able to send anonymous suggestions to different departments. The project was perfect for a small one week project. The code includes error handling, multi-threading, multiple email targets, and some quick … Continue reading

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Visual Monitor

This project was very cutting edge and exciting to create. This was a custom monitoring app that was geared to using little to no bandwidth to stream real time monitoring of multiple clients. The technology I used in this project … Continue reading

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